Enrolment Step by Step

Enrolment Step by Step

Throughout your enrolment process, you will have the opportunity to explore various areas that contribute to a comprehensive enrolment experience. Here is the flow of activities you can expect:

Welcome and Registration

Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed and guided through the registration process. Our friendly staff will be available to assist you with any initial queries or concerns.

Station 1: Learner Support ‘Your Health, Your Wellbeing, Your Support’

This station is dedicated to ensuring that your individual support needs are met. Whether you have a learning difficulty, disability, medical condition, or an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), our knowledgeable staff will discuss your requirements. Please remember to provide any relevant reports or documentation in advance to facilitate a smooth process.

Station 2: Curriculum Area

At this station, you will discuss and agree your enrolled programme of study and can raise any curriculum specific questions. Our staff will assist you in understanding your timetable, including English and Maths, work placement and personal and professional development. At any point, you can discuss your options with careers adviser.

Station 3: Bursaries and Financial Support

This station will provide detailed information about the bursaries and financial assistance available to you. You will learn about the various options, including the eligibility criteria and how to apply for support. Our aim is to ensure that you have the necessary resources to succeed in your studies.

Station 4: Data Capture

Here, you will complete all the information we need to ensure you can officially be enrolled onto the college system, if 19+ this is the station you will discuss and agree any fee remission available for your course.

Station 5: ID Card Collection

Station 5: ID Card Collection: Here receive your student ID badge and learn about the expectations regarding its usage. Wearing your ID badge while on college premises is important for the safety and security of everyone. You will be provided with information on how to obtain temporary passes, replacements, and the consequences of not wearing your ID badge.

Closing and Departure

Finally, as you conclude your enrolment experience, our team will be available to address any remaining questions or concerns you may have, including an enrolment questionnaire. We want to ensure that you leave with all the necessary information and feel fully prepared to embark on your studies with us.

Please note that the above flow of activities may be subject to slight variations, but rest assured, our staff will guide you through each step of the process to make your enrolment experience as smooth and informative as possible.